Deceuninck’s latest addition, Slim Slide, has brought in a revolutionising yet bold concept of narrowing the PVC section in the middle of the sliding windows and doors. Moreover, Deceuninck has narrowed down the width from 90 mm wide to 46.6 mm with the slim slide concept. With almost 50% reduction of interlocking junctions, this slim section with uncompromised structural performance leads to increased penetration of light into the spaces. Apart from this, they are easy to install & operate and available in multiple sliding tracks and design combinations. They are made especially for DGU and are able to accommodate various glass sizes as per design specifications. Also, Deceuninck slim slide will suit every space with its multiple solid & wooden finishes available alongside excellent thermal & sound insulation.

Its key features include slimmer interlocking junctions, increased natural light, and enhanced aesthetics.

Glass Thicknessupto 5mm – 30mm
Glass ThicknessTwo-Track 70mm, Three-Track 136 mm, Four-Track 198 mm
Interlocking junction46.6mm
Uf2w /m2k
Wind Resistance IS – 875 Part- III
Design3 chamber with slimmer 47 mm Interlock design.

Available in white and variety of solid & wooden finishes.

Color Options

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