Performance requirements – Water tightness, Air tightness, Noise reduction, Thermal Insulation, Aesthetics and Functionality. Please check for test reports or certificates for the above to ensure you are getting the right system for your project / home.

Profile extruded as per EN 12608 with proper certification for weathering. Number of chambers and wall thickness classification.

Steel reinforcement properly galvanized and of required thickness

Hardware – Deceuninck or any other leading brand. Shutters with more than 1.4m height should have multi-point locking system to ensure proper tightness. The multi-point espag must be proportional to the shutter size. Some vendors provide 100cm Espag for 210cm door which is not sufficient. 180 cm Espag is needed for a 210 cm door.

Glass – options vary according to performance requirement – noise and thermal insulation.

Check structural calculation – Wind speeds in India vary from 33m/s (118 Km/hr) to 55m/s (198 Km/hr). Cyclones on the eastern coast of India touch 200 Km/hr. High rise buildings experience greater wind pressure. Check if the window is designed for wind pressure calculated as per IS 875 Part 3 – Wind load on buildings and structures.

Please write to us for detailed calculations –

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