Why? Our Basic Purpose

Our purpose is to manufacture high-quality innovative products, relying on our accumulation of knowledge and the support of our expert staff. We strive to bring comfortable living to your home. We work intensely to protect your spaces and loved ones from the external elements and constantly create new technology to bring product improvements to you, the consumer. As the fabrication, installation and maintenance of our systems are quite easy, our products meet your requirements at the utmost level and aim to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Our purpose is to help you to beautify your spaces further and to reflect your own style in your architecture with our various designs. Our products possess a time-independent design that will meet your expectations with their wide color options, natural texture and unique surface quality.


Our purpose is to assist all our customers towards energy efficient building construction. For this reason, all our products provide high insulation, have long lives and require minimum maintenance. In order to minimize damage to the environment, our manufacturing processes leave minimum ecologic traces on nature, use minimum energy and have a recyclable structure.

Our Employees and Customers

We create an open, frank and honest working environment with all our employees and customers and create long-term business partnerships by maintaining satisfaction of all parties at the highest level. We attach importance to quality, safety, environment and people while possessing a team spirit.

Our Basic Values


We always speak the plain truth and act openly & frankly during the entire communication process. We perform direct & positive feedback during our relations with our partners. We adhere to team spirit during our works with our employees and business partners. We wholeheartedly disclose mistakes as we take corrective and preventive measures and defend the truths with all facts. The things we think and say do not differ from each other. This is our uniqueness.

High Performance

Our performance is measured regularly by our employees, customers, the society and shareholders. We exert efforts for continuous improvements during all our business phases, relying on our passion for reaching perfection and we successfully continue our path without deviation from our values and vision. We do what we say and share what we do. This is our concept of responsibility and discipline. Our priorities while targeting high performance are Humans, Environment, Quality, Service and Revenue. (P,E,Q,S,R.). This is a requirement for a corporation having real continuity. During each phase of our business, from manufacturing to aftersales, we work towards increased performance every day.

Our Passions


We are open to the world and all opinions. We seek and seize the opportunities. We create an environment of trust for the delegation of powers and successfully manage all the processes. We embrace our work as if it was our own. We respect the decisions of all employees, encourage them to take responsibility and then recognize them.

A Strong Financial Structure

Our company has a sustainable and strong financial structure. We convert all our activities into financial targets and successfully reach our targets.

Our Culture

As a result of the corporate culture created, all employees and business partners are proud of working together. They work and act in accordance with the principles of honesty, high performance and entrepreneurship. We strive to manufacture long-life, environmentally friendly, high insulation, quality, durable and recyclable products. Leadership in the Sector. Our company is one of the leading companies in our sector and we are among the top three companies in terms of market share. This success is based on quality and high performance in services as well as customer relations on mutual trust.

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