10 Unbeatable Advantages of uPVC Profiles for Windows & Doors in your House


The Indian windows and doors market is currently seeing the emergence of uPVC as a third option alongside wood and aluminum. People who are looking for a better alternative, better price-to-quality ratio, and more benefits are switching to uPVC from either wood or aluminium windows and doors.


uPVC, also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, offers a more sustainable and resilient alternative than those currently popular in the market. The uPVC profiles are heated at high temperatures, and then they go through multiple cooling methods so as to get the heated substance in shape. These profiles are highly durable, contain no additional chemicals and maintain their charm throughout their lifespan.


So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the benefits of having uPVC windows and doors in your house. And then you can make an informed decision by yourself.



Advantages of Installing uPVC Profiles for Windows and Doors



  1. Durable: The uPVC material is not affected by extreme weather conditions. It is strong and can last for more than 25-30 years with little maintenance and no compromise in its functionality. The uPVC is also  UV resistant, due to which it does not rust. This means the color of frames won’t fade away even in the unforgiving heat of India.
  2. Insulators: uPVC are great insulators of pollution, dust, heat, sound and pollen. Being a non-conductor of heat, it will keep the perfect temperature inside your house no matter the weather outside.Less dust, pollution and pollen in your house means good air quality in your personal space. And the sound insulation property of uPVC means goodbye to all the irritating and untimely noises from outside. You get to decide what kind of environment will be there in your home. And not the outside traffic, ongoing vegetable vendors, construction or loud music.
  3. Energy Efficient: The high performing uPVC is a great insulator. This means it maintains a comfortable temperature inside your house during both hot and cold weather. Thus, your usage of heating and cooling systems throughout the year will be significantly less. Resulting in reduced energy bills.
  4. Environment Friendly: Due to global warming, the need for cooling systems have increased. Many indoors often become so hot that it’s unbearable without a proper cooling system. In such a case, investment in uPVC can prove to be extremely beneficial, as their heat insulation property will help to considerably bring the energy bills down.


In addition to that, uPVC windows and doors have a long lifespan, and they are made from recyclable materials which are not harmful to the environment.

  1. Termite & Corrosion Proof: Unlike other window and door types, uPVC is completely termite-free. They do not foster any types of insects, nor do they corrode. This is another property that makes them so durable, and they can last for decades without peeling and drying out.
  2. Low Maintenance: Other window types like wooden and aluminium demand more regular attention than uPVC windows and doors. While for other types, you are often required to paint and varnish them every four or five years – nothing of this sort is needed for uPVC.


Also, for regular cleaning, a wet sponge and a few minutes of your time is all that’s required. Even the toughest stains can be removed with scrubbing without causing any damage to the surface.

Since they are weather-resistant, the frame hardly experiences any wear and tear.

Aesthetic: The sleek finish and variety of color options under uPVC windows and doors make for an excellent addition to your interiors. It gives your home a premium look and comes in a wide variety of types and colors. Whether you are looking for a sliding window, side-hung window, twin sash, bi-fold, or any other type, they are all available in the uPVC range.

In addition to different types, they also come in different shapes and sizes. Thus, you can choose the most customized option for your home, which uplifts your interiors and comes with high performing properties.

Non-conducive to Fire: Fire mishaps can happen anywhere, anytime. Thus, it’s imperative to be prepared for it and take all the safety precautions. And from that perspective, uPVC is the best choice as it’s not conducive to fire.

In a fire situation, doors and windows are the go-to escape routes. When you install uPVC in your house you can be assured that it will not accelerate, cause, support or spread the fire, nor will it melt. Since uPVC is self-extinguishing, it is the best choice for places where the risk of fire incidents are high.

Highly Secured: Easy to break or open windows are often the main entry points for burglars. While installing windows for your house, security is one aspect in which you cannot have any scope of compromise. uPVC windows come with galvanized steel reinforcements and have an elaborated multi-point locking system.

Thus, installing uPVC in your house will help you to enhance security. If you are worried about security even after the above two factors, you can choose to have toughened or laminated glass along with the upVC profiles.

Water Drainage System: Another amazing benefit of installing uPVC windows and doors is that they come with flawless drainage systems. So during heavy rains, when water can collect on the surface of your balcony or ground, uPVC frames will prevent it from entering inside the house.

These are some of the most comprehensive and popular reasons why you should have a uPVC window in your house. Although, based on your requirements, you can even get customized options with a wide variety of color and size choices

Now that you have learned about the many advantages of uPVC window and door profiles, you can go one step further to look at some of the popular profiles like