Transform your living or working space with Deceuninck uPVC windows and doors. Enjoy unparalleled comfort, security, and energy efficiency while adding a touch of elegance to your property. Upgrade with Deceuninck today and experience the ultimate in style, functionality, and durability.

Why Deceunick

uPVC Windows and Doors

sound proof windows

Deceuninck UPVC sound proof Windows and doors offer superior noise reduction, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for your home or office. Deceunick’s innovative design and high-quality materials also provide excellent insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Dust Proof

Deceuninck UPVC dust proof Windows and doors provide a cleaner and healthier living environment by preventing the entry of dust, pollen, and other allergens

Multiple color options

Deceuninck UPVC Windows and doors offer a range of stunning color options, allowing you to customize the look of your home or office to match your style and preferences.

Require Less Maintenance

If you are looking for windows and doors that require less maintenance, UPVC windows and doors from Deceuninck are an excellent choice. With our high-quality materials and superior construction, they are resistant to rot, rust, and corrosion, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.


Deceuninck UPVC windows and doors are weather-resistant, protecting your home or office from harsh weather conditions. Their durable and long-lasting performance ensures reliable protection and peace of mind.


Deceuninck UPVC windows and doors offer easy customization options, allowing you to create the perfect look for your home or office.

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About Us


Deceuninck was established in Belgium in 1937. As a true specialist in compound technology, design, development, extrusion, finishing and recycling for the construction industry, Deceuninck is one of the top 2 PVC Window and Door profile manufacturers in the world.

Continually developing innovative products through a strong R&D discipline, Deceuninck’s team of professional specialists develop innovative products delivered to satisfied customers across the globe. Deceuninck operates in 91+ countries with 35 affiliates and more than 3500 employees throughout the world

Deceuninck in India is one of the fastest growing UPVC Profile company with more than 60 authorized and certified channel partners making high quality UPVC Doors and Windows. The Indian team specializes in design of windows / doors for your buildings, home, hotel, factory, project or individual villa based on Indian as well as international codes to help you get the Perfect Window for Life.

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